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Do More.

Be More.

For our future.


Humble Beginnings

What if a haircut could change the world? 


Aaron “Artie” Thomas is changing the world and his community one haircut at a time.

Artie began his barbering journey in his dorm room while in college as a way to make extra money to finance his daily needs. Artie’s college education was fueled by his aspirations to play basketball and eventually join the NBA. When he returned home, he quickly discovered that his goal of joining the NBA was not enough. His recollection of his experiences as a barber in college motivated him to become a licensed barber. 


In the early stages of his career, Artie discovered that every client carried their own story. 

Artie began to venture into the stories of his clients which ignited his interest in servant leadership.  Artie has a unique success story because he has defined his own success by unlocking his self confidence and identifying ways that he would be able to give back through barbering. 


In 2015, Artie created More Than A Barber TV (MTAB-TV); A platform used to capture the stories of his clients and spread awareness about at risk youth, mental health and homelessness.  Artie has provided haircuts for the elderly, homeless, adolescents and people from many walks of life. These encounters have been extremely inspiring. Artie intends to pay it forward by sharing his abundance of wisdom with adolescents. He wishes to serve as a resource and role model that will help to propel adolescents into a secure future guided by their own definitions of success. 

Artie’s mission is simple : Do More, Be More for Our Future.


Artie Thomas is a mentor for adolescents, a confidant for adults and most importantly, he is the change agent that we all need to feel confident and capable of achieving our own success.


 Creating change through individual talent.


CEO, Founder, Barber

Bear, Delaware

Paying it forward can be transformational.

MTAB-TV was created to inspire people to pay it forward. We can only change our world if we change ourselves. I want to do more for my community and share the stories of those who are often forgotten. It is an amazing feeling to deposit a sense of confidence and belonging into someone else. That is the moment I live for; The moment when someone has gained new value for life. More Than A Barber TV is a representation of how our occupations here on this earth, are more than just jobs. They are opportunities to connect with each other and create change.


Senior Visual Director

Wilmington, Delaware

The greatest gift we can give each other is kindness. I joined the MTAB-TV team because I wanted to inspire people to pay it forward. If we can use our time to add positivity to the lives of others, we can really change the world around us. I have been video recording and editing since 2016, Although film-making is my passion, I have found a new passion for contributing to the lives of other people and More Than a Barber TV has been the ideal platform for me to do just that. As a film-maker, I know people are always watching. I want to make sure that what people see when they look at this platform, is an honest effort to raise awareness and create change.


Marketing, Brand Strategist


The most important thing about what Artie is doing for his community is the fact that this platform will connect so many people who want to create change together. More Than A Barber TV is the beginning of a network that will create opportunities for the less fortunate and band together communities of people who genuinely want to give back. There are so many exciting partnerships and ventures to come from the More Than A Barber TV platform. It is amazing to be able to to what I love while contributing to a platform that is actively creating change.



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